Cakes & Pies

Celebrate life with the ultimate party centerpiece. We mix smooth, fresh ice cream with moist cake, along with layers of delicious toppings, for a dessert that’s perfect for any occasion. Choose from our popular holiday favorites, or create your own to match your own personal interests, or design one for that special someone. All cakes and pies are made fresh in our stores.

Bruster's Ice Cream cakes are loaded with personality! You can create a cake to match your own personal interests, or design the perfect cake for that special someone.

Customizing your cake is easy!

  1. Select a size.
    Eight inch, round (serves 12-16)
    One-quarter sheet (serves 20-24)
  2. Choose your ice cream.
  3. Choose one of our moist cake flavors.
  4. Pick a rich middle layer of fudge, caramel, marshmallow, or your own favorite topping.

All cakes are "iced" with fresh vanilla ice cream!

To order your very own Bruster's Ice Cream cake, simply call or visit your neighborhood Bruster's. Cake and ice cream flavors vary per store and according to what's fresh in season. Custom requests may take up to 48 hours. Please contact your local Bruster’s for details.


Bruster's Pie Fundraiser


Your choice of fresh Bruster's Ice Cream over a thick, rich layer of fudge, caramel, marshmallow, or your favorite topping. All nestled in your choice of Oreo® or Graham Cracker Crust!

Call or visit your local Bruster's to create your own Bruster's Ice Cream pie!

Nine-inch pies (serves 6-8 people)

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